is more than just about taking a holiday or finding sustainable products; it’s about living a lifestyle that inspires us, one that pushes us to our boundaries and challenges us to be better.


We’re dream-chasers, cultural-explorers, self-inquirers, eternal learners, ocean lovers and tropical dwellers.

Meet Your Fellow Sea-kin

Marina Weitz, Founder

Originally from Florida, Marina Weitz has been traveling and surfing the globe for the last decade, sustaining her adventures by photographing surfers and bouncing between surf camps and resorts. She’s spent between six months to a couple years living at each of her favorite destinations, including The Mentawai’s, Bali, The Gold Coast, Bocas del Toro, and Sri Lanka. She’s now based in Merewether, Australia with her love she met years ago while living in Panama.

She has a certificate in Sports and Recreation with a focus on Surfing, and obtained her first certificate to teach surfing in 2016 through the NSSIA in the US.

Living a sustainable life of simplicity around the ocean is what inspires her, and on the daily she enjoys playing either a game of ping pong, tennis or chess, a nice walk at sunset, and listening to some Blues or Reggae in the kitchen while cooking up a healthy dinner, glass of wine in hand.

Sima Kaye Stuve, Contributor

Always active, Sima began her yoga practice in hopes to be more flexible. She quickly discovered how much better a daily practice made her feel, but it wasn’t until an injury that her practice became a vital part of her life. It later was her foundation while coming off of dangerous prescribed medication.

She caught her first wave on a reef break in Rincon, Puerto Rico, where she was living funded off NYC bier wench money. The experience was terrifying yet exhilarating; she had never felt so connected to the forces of nature, although she had grown up an ocean baby from south Florida. She has since surfed in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

She currently lives in her hometown of Jupiter, FL where she has befriended multiple sea turtles, whom she visits almost daily. Her lifestyle and passions are funded by working as a waitress, where she teaches yogic lessons to her coworkers to keep them from murdering their customers. She is passionate about pole dancing and floor flow, snorkeling, studying the chakras and the metaphysical, and traveling as much as possible. Aside from waitressing, she is co-authoring a book about a life in the service industry while also procrastinating her memoir about her past struggles with drugs and mental health.

Her goal is to live a life of balance where she can surf, pole dance, and practice yoga every day.

Demelza Clay, Contributor

It wasn’t always about surfing. Demelza spent 30 years charging big mountains all over the world, when suddenly, the endless winter thing got old (and cold). The ocean was calling, she needed balance…

Australian born and bred, Demelza spent a couple of decades surfing and maniacally exploring the world for waves alongside her life as a professional ski guide. She surfed Central America, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka, The Telos (north Mentawai), Tofino (Canada), from G-Land to West Sumbawa, Kiribati (don’t go there) and all over the East Coast of Australia. She literally lost her mind over the waves in Maldives, where she spent 3 years guiding surf charters boats.

Surfers and snow people are kindred souls and naturally Demelza fell in love with the surf community. She is constantly inspired by people who have a connection to the elements; watchers of the wind, storms, waves and snow. There are mountains under the ocean, you know.

Demelza is based in Lennox Head working as a writer and plays daily in and around the famous headland. She has a BAppSci in Sports Science and loves trail running, mountain biking, reading and you guessed it… watching those storms pass by.