We exist to do the exact same thing you do: promote our fave lifestyle with health in mind, sun and surf.  Creating a community and working with like-minded people is top of our priority list.  We’re here to work with you, so whatever your needs are, we’d love to collaborate


We’re not just an anonymous corporate booking system. We’re real people, giving real advice.  We care just as much about your customers as you do and we want each and every one to have the best experience possible, from booking through to the end of their retreat!


Our niche platform speaks to your ideal client.  We’re the only site to offer exclusively surf and yoga products and services, being sure that our marketing efforts are directed to precisely the right people.

Surf and Yoga Retreats provides an online platform for amazing businesses like yours to market and sell your service or product and accept payment and bookings.  If you already have your own booking or ordering system, no worries!  We will affiliate link directly to your page, providing a unique checkout code for your guest.

It’s simple!  List with us and get more exposure for your surf and yoga product or service.  There are no listing fees and we only charge a small commission rate when you receive a booking or order through our site.  Here are a few other advantages of partnering with Surf and Yoga Retreats:

  • Respond directly to customer inquiries through your own personal dashboard on our site.
  • Get paid immediately upon guest bookings or orders through our payment system.
  • Options for affiliate linking only, where we will provide our guests with a unique checkout code for your site to receive special offers from us!
  • Provide your customers with a smooth experience all the way through from inquiries to bookings.
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