Here are our Reasons Why:

There are hundreds of ways to travel the world (if not thousands).  From luxury travel and fancy hotels to backpacking on foot, riding on the back of motorbikes cross-country or sailing across the seas, we’re here to hone in on one type of travel that we love.  And not only do WE love it, it’s popularity has rapidly grown over the last few years for the same reasons.  Here they are, why traveling RETREAT style is just the way we like:


Retreats offer a way to expand yourself by learning a new skill or honing some you might already have. Most of the surf and yoga retreats on our site offer either surf lessons and / or surf coaching, and most definitely offer yoga sessions. So whether you’re a complete beginner or feel like you’re on the advanced side of the spectrum, you’ll be getting some good guidance on how to progress and overcome challenges that we are often faced with while learning anything.

Setting goals for yourself on vacation will give you more than just the memories of seeing new places or eating new foods. It brings excitement, triumph (and sometimes defeat), and overall a sense that you’ve done or accomplished something worthwhile. Not to mention, some retreats also give you the tools to bring home to carry on learning and improving yourself and your skills, like one of our favorites, the IN2URLIFE retreat.


Taking a vacation is all about getting away to relax, right? But all the planning that can go into a trip is far from relaxing, we KNOW from experience. It can be exhausting and stressful trying to plan accommodation; transportation once you’re there; figuring out how to get around; the best places to eat; how to not get ripped off; best things to see in just a little bit of time; WHO you’re going to travel with; surf spots to avoid and ones you think you’ll want to go to that suit your ability.
Well, take the pain out of planning because Retreats are there to guide you and give you the easiest, most relaxing holiday (while of course you’re still being challenged like point above ^). Though they sometimes offer schedules, there’s usually plenty of room to wiggle and let loose, choosing from activities on hand of what to do each day with no effort of researching and finding them for yourself.

Accommodation and food of course come with the holidays, surfing and yoga, transport around once you’re there (though it may not be included in the price.) And if there’s something you want to do not offered by the retreat, there will be someone there to provide recommendations and to help you. The only left for you to do is book a flight, some travel insurance, and enjoy yourself!!


Yes, speaking of planning, that’s one less thing to worry about before your trip. Just bring your board (if you’re not getting one at the retreat), and the surf guides will either take you or point you in the direction of the best spots to surf based on your own personal preferences. Of course, with the bit of guidance, you won’t be wasting time going to spots that won’t be working on certain swells and tides, or paddling out in waves that don’t suit your ability level.


Lastly, (but not least) we LOVE the combination of surf and yoga.  It goes together like Rice and Curry, or Fine Cheese and Wine.  For one, Yoga will help relieve your tight muscles from all the surfing you’ll be doing as well as prepare them to take on the next sessions by stretching and strengthening. The mindfulness and awareness of your body, your breathing and your overall practice in yoga can most definitely be translated in the line-up while surfing, especially bringing relaxation and acceptance during longer hold-downs in bigger waves. Many lessons learned in surfing can also be applied to the yoga mat, like moving with flow and ease, not forcing yourself to do anything you’re not yet capable of, and letting go to enjoy the present moment. And that’s just to start.

All in all, if you’re on limited time to travel and you want to make the most out of a holiday, traveling Retreat style just makes sense.  Many people even tack a retreat onto a longer holiday as sort of a resting spot or break from the rest of their planning and traveling.

If you have any questions or inquiries about choosing a retreat for your holiday, please give us a shout!  We’re here to make the planning EVEN EASIER for you.