INTERVIEW: Robin from Surf Yoga Retreat

Hi Robin, thanks so much for taking the time to answer our somewhat silly questions.  We love to hear from people who have created the dream lifestyle for themselves while their mission is inspiring to others.

Seeing as we’re just launching our site, we thought we’d stick to a theme of beginnings.

SYR: How long has Surf Yoga Retreat been running and is this your dream baby?

Robin: We have been running Surf Yoga Retreat since 2017. Of course we work a lot on it… which surfer wouldn’t want to live in Maldives and work with surf??

SYR: Where are you originally from? Please tell us a little about your background and the people running your retreats?

Robin: Original from Brazil, graduate in hospitality since 2003. With a surf background around the world like Indonesia, Brazil, Central America & 6 years in Maldives.

SYR: How did you end up running a business in the Maldives?

Robin: Because its the perfect location, great waves and amazing underwater life.

SYR: What’s the biggest thing you hope your guests take away from doing a retreat with you?

Robin: Quality of life.

SYR: Do you provide any surf instruction or coaching if requested?

Robin: Yes. We can do both. Also we can provide in advance a professional surf coach if the dates fit in our calendar.

SYR: What’s a typical day at a line-up like during season? Is it crowded? Are there many local surfers? Boat trips and other resorts around?

Robin: Yes, we can say its crowded. But the level of surfers are not high and the waves are quite long… so even with 10 surfers in the spot you can find yourself alone sometimes. There are locals surfers but not surf addicted and big amount that shock like many other places in the world, as Indonesia or Hawaii…

SYR: If you could host any surfer in the world at one of your retreats, who would it be?

Robin: Well…I think Gerry Lopez it will be great. But we accept also Kelly Slater, Bethany Hamilton, Gabriel Medina or other WCT ranked!!! rsrsrs its our dream goal!! 🙂

SYR: What’s your favorite fish?  (Either to eat or to look at).  🙂

Robin: We love Tuna. We have here the best tuna you will ever try.

SYR: What’s your favorite maneuver in surfing?  What’s your favorite yoga pose?

Robin: Tube and Downward facing dog  (Adho mukha).

SYR: Do you have any mantra or saying you live by?

Robin: No mantra.


Well thanks again for sharing your story with us, Robin.  We have to say we’re just a little jealous of that stunning location you live in and we can’t wait to visit one day!


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